Clan/Group Recruitment Sub-Forum Rules (Read before posting)

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Clan/Group Recruitment Sub-Forum Rules (Read before posting)

Post by bqll on Wed 17 Jun - 8:11

Please read the following prior to posting in this section:

This section of the forum is for clans/groups to advertise their groups details as well as for players that are looking for a group/clan.

-This section is not to be used for ex clan members or anyone else to post their dislike of a certain clan; doing so will result in action being taken. If a clan is breaking the forum rules, please report them to us.

-Bumping is permitted but is not to be abused. If your post is on the first page then please don't bump. Otherwise please don't bump your thread more than once per day.

Don't advertise Clans/groups based on religious themes/ideals.
Don't advertise Clans/groups based on known real world hate groups that could offend.
Don't advertise Clans/groups with offensive titles.
Please don't use this thread to advertise anything else or to provide links to sites with the intention of making money.
All other forum rules apply within this thread with regards to bumping, spamming, trolling, flaming and double posting.

Please do not create more than one topic advertising your clan/group/community.


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